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Four-Week Board & Train

Four Weeks of Full-Time Training in the Trainer's Home

The Four-Week Board & Train Program where we see our best results! It is designed to give your puppy a jump-start on foundational training, socialization, and obedience work. In addition to everything included in the first two weeks of training, we will also add in additional commands and solidify what was learned during the initial two weeks of training. Owners will still need to work diligently to reiterate everything their puppy has learned but puppies should have a stronger understanding of the curriculum at the time of graduation in comparison to our Two-Week Board & Train graduates. If you have a busy schedule or have limited experience raising puppies, we recommend this program. 

This program can be customized to focus on what matters most to you! We will build off of what your puppy already knows to optimize the amount of progress they make in the program.

This program comes with instructional videos of your puppy working with the trainer. We will walk you through the commands your puppy has learned in "school" and teach you how to use and build off of them. The Four-Week Board & Train Program also comes with one month of virtual support to ensure the transition back home is as smooth as possible. 

Students must have at least two rounds of puppy vaccinations to begin this program.


This program is suitable for puppies up to one year of age. Exceptions may be made for older puppies on a case by case basis if training goals fit into our covered curriculum. 

Cost: $2800

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