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Meet Jamie & Quinn

Jamie founded Puppy Preparatory based upon a need she recognized through her many years working in animal welfare. She saw the astonishing number of dogs given up each year due to behavioral issues, which inspired her to create a puppy training program to set new puppies and their owners up for ongoing success. 

Jamie grew up in the Carolinas with family dogs and has been fostering dogs and young puppies for 9 years in New York City, Los Angeles, and now back in Charlotte. She has experience with every age from newborns to seniors, and every size from a Chihuahua to a Mastiff. While she loves all dogs, working with young puppies has always been her specialty and passion! 

In 2018, Jamie adopted a dog of her own, a goofy and gentle giant named Quinn—a Great Dane who also loves having puppies in the home and makes an excellent teacher's assistant! Quinn will have supervised interactions with your puppy to help teach socialization with other dogs!

While Jamie and Quinn try run the show, the real boss of Puppy Preparatory is Amira the cat! Amira was adopted as a "foster fail" in 2015. She has had puppies in the home since her adoption and keeps a watchful eye while helping pups acclimate to having a feline friend around.

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Meet the Teachers

Students are matched with a trainer based on their age, size, and your training goals. 

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