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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the class size?

We believe in quality over quantity which means we keep class sizes small. Unlike other programs that train up to 8 puppies in one home at a time, we strive to keep our class size at two to four.
When numbers exceed four, we call in additional support from other trainers we work with to ensure the student-to-teacher ratio remains at an optimal level.

What if my puppy gets sick?

The health of all puppies is our top priority. All students are required to have a wellness check and provide proof of vaccines prior to enrollment. With 9 years of raising puppies, Jamie has experience spotting early warning signs of illness. Should your pup require medical attention while in our care we will get them to a vet immediately and contact you as we do so.

What sets Puppy Preparatory School apart?

Puppy Preparatory is an exclusive program that accepts a very limited number of puppies at a time in order to provide the best results for pups and their owners. We also offer unmatched service with our additional virtual calls before the puppy arrives, while the puppy is in our care, and virtual support once the puppy goes home. 

Can I add an extra week?

Extra days or weeks can be added for an additional fee. Contact us for details.

Is Jamie the only trainer?

No! We are excited to share that we have now expanded to work with more "teachers" who all have unique experiences, knowledge, and skills that we can learn and continue to grow from making Puppy Preparatory even stronger. All of our contractors have extensive experience, are background-checked, insured, and are Pet First-Aid and CPR certified! We have selected individuals that truly share our same passion and love for puppies and their families.

How long will my puppy be left alone in the home while at Puppy Preparatory?

It is critical for the safety and training of a young puppy that they not be left alone in the home for long. Puppies in our care are typically left alone in their crate for no more than 2-3 hours to avoid the development of separation anxiety.

Do you offer delivery at the completion of the program?

Typically, owners pick up their puppy directly from the trainer at the end of the program. If you prefer drop-off service, we can arrange that for an additional fee.

What is your COVID-19 policy?

 All drop-offs and pick-ups are taking place outdoors at this time due to COVID-19 with your health and safety in mind. If you would like to see the areas of the home your puppy will be in, you may book a video call with the trainer to have a live virtual tour. Currently, we are doing curbside drop-offs and pick-ups. 

Do puppies go on field trips while in training?

Yes! In fact, field trips are a huge part of the curriculum for the Board & Train Programs. Puppies brains are at their most flexible so they are constantly absorbing information about what is safe and normal. We believe it is very important to safely expose pups to new environments and experiences to help them grow into well-rounded dogs. During the Board & Train programs, puppies go on at least two field trips a week within a two hour radius of Charlotte.

Do you offer boarding?

Yes! We do offer boarding for pups that have completed or are enrolled in the Board & Train or Day School Programs. All boarding has a strong focus on training and includes a Daily Report.

Do you use e-collars?

No! We do not use any negative  reinforcement. We believe in using only positive reinforcement and positive association when it comes to training puppies.

How do I get in touch for virtual support after graduation?

Our Board & Train Programs come with four weeks of virtual support! To book an audio or video call, please send an email with the subject "Virtual Support: Puppy's Name". In the email, tell us a bit about what is going on and the best times for us to call.

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