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 Board & Train Programs

Our Board & Train Programs are our most popular programs and where we see our best results. Every puppy learns at a different pace and each family has a unique set of needs; therefore, we offer multiple lengths for the Board & Train Program. 


Every Board & Train Program can be customized to focus on what matters most to you! We will build off of what the student already knows to optimize the amount of progress they make during the program.

All Board & Train Programs include one to two report cards a week while the puppy is in training, instructional training videos at the end of the program, and one month of virtual support after graduation.

Puppy Preparatory uses positive reinforcement only. Our trainers are all firm believers in this method as it builds trust and confidence while also strengthening the relationship between you and your puppy. There are many benefits to this method; however, it can be a longer process compared to methods that use tools to punish your dog. In our opinion, it is worth the wait! There is no quick fix when it comes to dog training. It is a commitment for the duration of their life. These weeks of training should be viewed as an investment towards the many years you and your new puppy will spend together. 


A happy puppy enjoying their time in "school"

Board & Train


The Two-Week Board & Train Program is a jump start into our full curriculum. This program is best for families that need a bit of support and guidance as they embark on their puppy raising journey. It is also great when there is one specific issue that needs to be focused on in addition to a general brush up on all skills. 


Board & Train 


The Four-Week Board & Train Program is a deeper dive into our full curriculum. We will build off of what your puppy already knows and what they learned during their initial two weeks in training. The second half of the program will also help us solidify new skills which reduces the risk of regression after graduation. 

An adorable, happy puppy caught in motion while running and playing
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An english bulldog enthusiastically responding to the "here" command.

Board & Train


This program is great for busy individuals and families that want to see strong results and reduce the risk of regression. The Six and Eight-Week Board & Train Programs are also recommended for puppies with a stronger need in one area such as separation anxiety. We often recommend this program for students that are 9+ months in age as it takes longer to break down former habits and replace them with new ones.  


Board & Train


The Eight-Week Board & Train Program is our most intensive program. The goal is to help solidify each area of our curriculum and reduce the risk of regression after graduation. This program is a great fit for busy families and/or puppies that are facing more severe issues such as extreme separation anxiety. This is also a great option for older puppies that are still struggling with the basics such as potty and crate training. 

A puppy showing off a perfect "sit" and "settle"

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