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Assistant Principawl

Meet Abby! After many years of experience working in the pet care industry, from running her own private pet-sitting business to managing a large-scale doggie daycare, Abby began her career in training at Puppy Preparatory. She was our very first hire and has worked alongside Jamie in every phase of the business. Abby shares our intense passion for dogs and our desire to make the journey of puppyhood even sweeter for students and parents. 

Abby assists with day-to-day operations and helps match each student to the best-fitting trainer.  

Pack Experience Coordinator

Meet Elyani! After working hands-on with our students for over a year, Elyani moved to Florida to be with her husband and took on a new role as our Pack Experience Coordinator. We are so grateful to continue working with her, even if it cannot be in person, and can't wait to see how she will improve on our programs.


Elyani's sisters recently joined our Team of teachers as well! We are thrilled that upcoming students will still have the opportunity to work with such a passionate and talented family who all excel in the field of dog training. 


Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions! We are here to assist in any way we can. 

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