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Nightly Board & Train offered to Alumni Only

Our Alumni have the option to revisit us for our Boarding Program which can be thought of as a Board & Tune. This is designed to help puppies refresh and build on what they learned during their original Puppy Preparatory Training Program.


During their stay, these graduates receive the same level of treatment and care as our Board & Train students along with and one-on-one training sessions to brush up on their skills or address new training goals.

For both our Boarding and Board & Train programs, students are cared for and trained in a trainers home. Pups are matched with one of our trainers based on their size, age, and training goals. While we typically try pair students with the same trainer they worked with for Board & Train (when they are available), there are some circumstances where as they grow, another trainer is a better fit moving forward. All of our trainers teach the same curriculum using positive reinforcement so students can feel right at home and connect with each trainer quickly! 



We take pride in being available 365 days a year, ensuring your furry family members receive the care they need, even during holidays. In order to properly acknowledge the dedication of our trainers, who adjust their schedules to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our alumni, we have implemented a surcharge on holidays. This allows us to fairly compensate our committed trainers while ensuring your dogs can continue learning and playing while you are away. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of care for your beloved pets, and our holiday rates reflect our commitment to their well-being.

+ $25/booking (charged per booking, not per night) 

This charge is waived for any stay over a week.

If a booking falls over two of the dates listed below (for example, New Years Eve and New Years Day), only one $25 surcharge will be applied. 

Included Holidays: 

  • New Year's Day - 01/01

  • Easter Sunday:  first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox.

  • Memorial Day: The last Monday in May each year

  • Independence Day (Fourth of July) : 07/04

  • Labor Day: The first Monday of September each year

  • Thanksgiving: The fourth Thursday of November each year

  • Christmas Eve: 12/24

  • Christmas Eve: 12/25

  • New Year's Eve: 12/31 

Boarding Request 

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