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Board & Train

Our Board & Train program at Puppy Preparatory offers a comprehensive training experience for puppies. In this program, puppies stay with a skilled trainer in a home environment, allowing them to establish a strong foundation and master essential skills. These skills encompass potty training, crate training, obedience, commands, leash etiquette, socialization, and desensitization. Our dedicated trainers exclusively employ positive reinforcement techniques with our students, ensuring a safe and encouraging learning environment. Additionally, all our trainers are certified in pet CPR and First-aid. While covering our complete curriculum, we tailor the program to address the specific training goals of each owner. We provide flexible program durations, including two-week, four-week, six-week, and eight-week options, or we can customize the length to meet individual needs. Your puppy's journey to becoming a well-behaved and happy companion starts here.

Day School 

Our Day School program at Puppy Preparatory is a fantastic opportunity for puppy owners seeking weekday training. Operating from Monday to Friday, this program emphasizes essential aspects such as command work, leash training, and socialization with fellow puppies. Conducted within a trainer's home, Day School uniquely allows us to reinforce house manners, ensuring your puppy becomes a well-rounded companion. It's important to note that while Day School reinforces various skills, it may not be the ideal choice for puppies requiring intensive potty and crate training. We also extend discounted Day School packages to our alumni students, providing a convenient avenue for graduates to refresh their training and maintain the skills they've learned at Puppy Preparatory. Join us for Day School, where your puppy can continue their journey towards becoming a well-behaved and socially adept member of your family.

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Our exclusive boarding program at Puppy Preparatory is reserved for our Board & Train and Day School graduates, offering a valuable opportunity for puppies to maintain and enhance their training while their parents are away. Our boarding experience includes essential brush-up training sessions to keep your pup's skills sharp. Puppies undergo various developmental phases, leading to new training challenges, and boarding with us ensures that we address any emerging training goals during their stay. This personalized approach takes place in the trainer's home, providing a familiar and comfortable environment for your furry family member. At Puppy Preparatory, we prioritize the ongoing development and well-being of your pup, making boarding an excellent choice for maintaining their training and addressing any new challenges that may arise.

Virtual School

Puppy Preparatory's Virtual School Program is designed to provide pet owners with a comprehensive and fully customized online training experience. Tailored to meet the unique needs of every puppy and owner, our one-on-one sessions cover essential topics such as home puppy-proofing, potty training, leash training, and more. Conducted over Zoom or audio calls, our expert trainers offer personalized guidance and continuous message support, fostering a strong bond of trust and understanding. With flexible packages of 5 or 10 sessions, plus the option to add more, our program ensures that your puppy receives the training and support they require for a lifetime of companionship. Join us and embark on a journey to raise a well-behaved, happy, and healthy canine companion with confidence and expertise.

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