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Puppy Preparatory
Packing List

Wondering what you need for training?

We have almost everything covered! All we need is your puppy and their food. We will provide everything during training from the crate, to toys, to training treats, to harnesses, to leashes. We do not recommend packing your puppy's favorite toy as they may get damaged by other students. If your puppy has comfort items in the crate at home, you are more than welcome to bring those items and we will keep them safe in your puppy's crate. 


  • Food

    • Please pack enough food for the duration of your puppy's training with us. We encourage you to bring extra so we can use it as a reward when appropriate and to allow for an increase in portion as they grow. ​


  • Comfort items for the crate

    • Feel free to pack any items your puppy is used to having in the crate such as a blanket, heartbeat dog, or an item that smells like you. We will keep those items in the crate as long as they do not show any signs of being destructive in the crate.​

  • Training treats 

    • If your puppy has a sensitive stomach or if you already found a type of treat that they love, feel free to pack the kind you are using at home. ​

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