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Day School for Alumni 🎓

Every puppy experiences multiple phases of growth and development, which bring new challenges and needs. As your puppy matures, it is important to stay consistent with the training and boundaries you have set, and continue building off of what they know. We are here to support you and your puppy as you continue to teach and work with them. Our Day School Program is an excellent way for our Alumni to brush up on their training, work on new skills, and address new challenges or goals. 

Day School takes place Monday - Friday in the trainer's home and focuses on command work, leash training, and socialization. We will also reiterate potty and crate training; however, if those are your main goals, we strongly suggest one of our Board & Train options! Alumi have access to our Boarding (nightly Board & Train) option which can also be used to brush up on previous skills and learn new ones.

 Day School is a collaborative program where support happens through conversations during drop-off and pick-up. 

Puppies are required to be fully vaccinated to start Day School. Students with at least their first two rounds of vaccines are accepted for Board & Train.


Training During the Day, Offered Monday-Friday in the Trainer's Home
Drop-Off: Between 8am - 10am 
Pick-Up: Between 4pm - 6pm


Single session: $60/day


5 Session Package: $54/session for a total of $275


10 Session Package: $48/session for a total of $480


20 Session Package: $42/session for a total of $840


50 session Package: $36/session for a total of $1800

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